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IDE emulator Batch2

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Internal IDE/PATA device emulator. Fully configurable, high speed device emulator for 8/16 bit IDE/PATA bus. Populated with 40pin male and 44pin male headers. 

Initial set of features:

  • high speed FPGA based emulator
  • can reach up to UDMA6 speeds
  • 8 and 16 bit supported
  • supports installation with other devices as either master/slave or cable select
  • allows multi device emulation (both master and slave on one connector)
  • CD/DVD emulation with high quality stereo DAC output
  • Recordable media emulation (CD-R/RW, DVD+/- R/RW) with recording. 
  • DVDRam emulation with recording.
  • ZIP disk emulation
  • Superdisk emulation
  • HDD emulation (with configurable parameters, CHS or LBA supported)
  • Supports PSX DVR HDD emulation
  • high speed microSD interface
  • optional LCD/OLED display with rotary encoder (separate purchase)
  • optional WiFi module (separate purchase)


Batch 2 Pre-Order. Limited quantity preorder, the price will change! 

Shipping estimate Late November 2023.