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Digital AV Mod Core kit Batch 2

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Flex interface board

Digital to Digital AV output mod for retro consoles and arcades. Keeps the digital audio and video signals digital from chipset to output. Pure digital, pixel perfect output. Requires soldering

  • Universal main board, supporting variety of flex interface boards
  • Configurable and updatable over WIFI.
  • for 3DO: supports split chipset only : MADAM+CLIO, doesn't support Anvil on first release
  • for 3DO: outputs proper 240P without speed up of the games.
  • for NEOGEO : initially supports NEO-B1, NEO-GRC and NEO-GRZ chipsets, more flex boards to be released in the future.
  • Selectable output modes (initial firmware): 240p (for external DAC), 480i, 480p, 720p.
  • Input : 24 bit rgb, pixel clock, system clock, I2S sound, controls
  • Output : microHDMI connector, suitable for installation without case modifications. 

Keep in mind that installation on 3DO removes analog CVBS/SVideo output. No simultaneous CVBS/SVideo is possible with the mod. Other consoles don't have this limitation.

The core kit comes with selected ribbon kit. 

Batch 2 Pre-order. Shipping estimate late December 2023.

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