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FZ1 ODE Batch2

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FZ1 Compatible ODE (Optical Drive Emulator).

Supports presenting game images stored on USB storage and microSD cards to the game console as CDRom mounted on the CDRom Drive.

  • USB Storage (single partition)
  • SDCard (SDXC) (single partition)
  • Filesystems supported: FAT32, EXFAT
  • CDROM image formats supported: .bin/.cue, .iso, .nrg
  • Support for music CD images: CDDA; .cue + .wav (44100Hz @ 16bit stereo)
  • Save game transfer to/from external storage

Batch 2. This is not a preorder. The parts are made to order in small batches to work around the parts delivery issues.

 Shipping estimate November 2022.