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Phøde Universal Optical Drive emulator. Batch 1

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Based upon highly versatile IDE emulator, Phøde Universal ODE that supports multiple consoles with possibility to update for newly added. Each ODE will come with full set of QSB and ribbons, allowing easy install and eliminating a guess work out of ordering. 


  • Full size SDCard with FAT and ExFat file system support.
  • easy configuration
  • iso, ccd, cue/bin/img and gdi support
  • Supports Philips CD-i consoles with solder on board
  • Supports Sega Dreamcast VA0, VA1 and VA2 
  • Supports Sega Saturn (20 and 21 pin variants)
  • Supports Playstation PU7, PU8(2 variants) and PU18 (with more variants later)
  • Supports Sega CD 1, CD2, XEye, CDX console variants
  • Supports mystery mechanism (working on connector availability)
  • Supports mystery feline Jaguar CD
  • Supports mystery friend Amiga CD32 
  • Supports mystery eternal toy (the game software is running late).
  • Supports mystery physics cultivar (in validation).
  • Supports mystery device Naomi (requires zero key).
  • QSB (quick solder boards) for all solder-on variants
  • Breakout FFC for future added consoles.
  • More consoles will be added with firmware updates

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The picture represents current state of pre-production PCB and will be updated as production progresses.

This a preorder. The production is estimated for late September and shipping in late October. Part shortage may affect the shipping date.